In God We Trust LLC

In God We Trust LLC is the wholesale and retail coin operation located at 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO, just south of the Border Town Auction House. This Missouri based company offers a full range of services and products that make it unique among other Four State Coin Shops. From appraisal to sale, In God We Trust LLC can do it all. We offer a confidential appraisal service either at our location or at your bank or residence. Our appraisals are based on the latest published information, the current spot value of gold and silver, and our years of experience in coin collecting. Most of our appraisals are backed by a cash offer for the collection, so it is not simply "The book says...". With a presence at local coin clubs, an on-site monthly coin auction, and attendance at area coin shows, we know the market and can help you make the best decision. We stand willing to buy coin collections, both large and small, and have been called upon time and again to assist trust officers and attorneys to find solutions for their clients. So, whether you have a large estate or just a handful of "hand-me-downs", give us a call. In addition, we offer a full-line of commission services, whether you want to buy or sell. We can sell for you to other dealers and collectors to find you the highest price. We can also discreetly buy for you from our wide array of friends and acquaintances in the coin collecting community. And, we sell the coins, sets, and the hobby supplies you need. 
The location in Missouri means that you will not have to pay a sales tax on your numismatic purchases... unlike Kansas based operations. And, of course, we host the Second Tuesday Coin & Currency Auction on the Second Tuesday of every month at our sister site, Border Town Auction House. Border Town Auction House is located just North of our shop at 611 Main in Mindenmines, MO. That monthly sale features coin estates, local collections, and dealer inventory overruns offered at absolute auction. With no minimum or "starting" bids established, each sesson is its own marketplace. These cash-only auctions provide for a quick cash payout to the seller or a prompt "check in the mail" delivered by the coming week to insure your cash flow from the proceeds. And, our rates are unbeatable. Just call me for details! This is why we claim that In God We Trust LLC is the four states only full-service coin shop. Open by appointment only, so don't wait. Call or email today for your private appointment!